How to Spend Christmas in Florence

Christmas is fast approaching, and spending your Christmas in Italy is among the most magical things you can ever experience. Christmas in Florence is spectacular and memorable.

Simply put, it is a festive treat because of the incredible light festival and numerous festive decorations. There is always something for everyone to enjoy, including nativity scenes, amazing food and wine, cool and crisp weather, and sightseeing trips. During the festivity, this city comes alive, offering the ideal location for the young and the old. This travel guide sheds light on how you can have a fantastic Christmas Holidays in Florence.

florence christmas holidays
4 Things to do in Florence during Christmas

Sightseeing in Florence over Christmas

Count yourself lucky if you will visit Florence during Christmas because its acclaimed museums do not experience higher traffic.
This allows visitors to experience sculptures and paintings more. During Christmas holidays museums are open. Generally only closed on December 25th adn January 1st, but you can find additional information on the official museum website. Many museums usually offer special openings.

On Christmas day, stroll around the city while enjoying its extraordinary architecture or climb the Piazzale Michelangelo and take in the panoramic view.

Christmas atmosphere in Florence stars in early December.  At this time of the year you will find the ciy decked out in colored lights, Christmas tress, the perfume of roasting chestnuts and much more.

things to do in florence during christmas
christmas market in florence
4 Things to do in Florence during Christmas

Visit the Christmas Market

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without doing some shopping. Visit Piazza di Santa Croce, the largest Christmas market in Florence. You will shop from stands of artisanal crafts of the traditional Weihnachtsmarkt German Market. The market opens up early in the month and closes on December 20th. If you are looking for German-inspired goods and crafts, this is your go-to-market, and shop soon before they close.

4 Things to do in Florence during Christmas

Attend the Christmas Eve Mass in the Duomo

The Cathedral of Florence is the city’s religious heart and is also known as the Duomo. During Christmas, it lights up and becomes a magical place because of the big tree and the stunning nativity scenes outside. It is best to visit the city during the winter holidays. To experience the Christmas atmosphere, attend the Christmas Eve Mass, and you will be amazed by how the city comes together to celebrate the birth of Christ. Ensure you arrive to grab a seat because the church is always very busy during Christmas.

florence dome christmas
4 Things to do in Florence during Christmas

Admire nativity scenes

Italy is well known for its rich history in nativity scenes. Families make nativity scenes and display them in living rooms during the holiday season. Nativity scenes are also common in the city center, mostly outside the Cathedral of Florence, whereby visitors come to admire these beautiful pieces of artwork. If you are not into huge crowds, you can see these nativity scenes in other churches, such as the Church of Santa Maria dei Ricci and the Church of Santa Felicita.

The above things are only the tip of the iceberg of some of the best things you can do in Florence. Book a stay at the Boutique hotel Ad Astra Florence to connect with the city intimately and experience all the cool things it has to offer. You will have the best Christmas holiday of your life and love everything else that the beautiful city of Florence has to offer.

Florence awaits you!
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